Heading don't turn automatically

When on flight with autopilot on, my heading doesn’t turn automatically, I’ve got to change it manually and it wasn’t like this before. Am I doing something wrong?


Have you enabled “NAV”? :)
The AP will only follow your flightplan if NAV is activated.

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The NAV/APPR button?

Yes. That’s correct :)

Well, when I clicked it the plane started turning left non-stop

Probably because you’ve flown past the active leg of your flightplan.

Maybe, but also the leg doesn’t update to the next one when I pass it

Find your closest leg and click “Act Leg” in the fpl

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You need to pass it in the vicinity of where it connects to the next one.
This will most likely help you out a bit:


If you send a screenshot of your Ap setup and your map Ill probably be able to tell you whats wrong

Looks like instead of GPS I had NAV1 activated, so it was turning buck to the airport I think


Thank you very much

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Ah I see, happy flying!

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