Heading bug

Hi there , is there a way of changing the blue heading bug in the game ? It always seems to stay at the 12 o’clock position?


Could you provide a screenshot?

The blue heading bug should move to the heading set via your autopilot menu. Finger to the chosen heading and the bug will move as you do so. In the picture you provided, I’m guessing you activated LNAV and the heading has thus been automatically set to 013º.

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Yeah LNAV is set , can I turn it manually?

This is the indicator for the heading set in the autopilot. Wait till the next leg of your flightplan and it should change its position because the autopilot would change the heading. Depending on heading it can move around The Whole HSI

It means what heading is set by the autopilot, nothing to worry bout.

Yes, you can. Deactivate LNAV and then tap and drag on the heading selector (labeled “HDG”) in the autopilot menu (labeled “AP ON”) displayed in the screenshot @MxP provided.

Cheers for the advice.

I’m just new to all this… lol

Knowing what to press and not press. Like when landing what to deactivate ie HDG when to activate NAV1 and so on…

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You’ll get the hang of it in no time! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Spot on thank you so much.

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The only only thing I’m getting stuck on is at what point do I turn GPS onto NAV1 ? Do I do this as the plane us turning into the glide path ( red ILS) or before ?

Do I need to use the course buttons ? Mine are both set to 360°

When is the correct point to use the APPR option. ?

When in APPR do I need to turn any other autopilot features off.?

Thanks in advance.

I’ll answer these questions one by one down below. When I am established on my intercept heading, I will ensure LNAV is deactivated and will switch to NAV1. At this point, you should have already been tuned to the ILS system through the airport menu; let me know if you need help with this step.

Once you’ve switched to NAV1, you can manually fly the ILS approach or can arm APPR to have it done for you. To address your course question, the course will be automatically set when you tune NAV1 to the runway’s ILS system. Once APPR is armed and flying the intercept/descent, you can disarm it whenever you’d like with the additional ability to maintain certain autopilot functions; for example, you can set your final approach speed and take care of the rest of the approach manually.

I’d highly recommend checking out Infinite Flight’s Autoland (APPR) Tutorial using this link. There are also Infinite Flight User Guide resources available to you to aid you in understanding the ILS system and APPR mode. I’ll attach a few of those resources below.

Autopilot from the Getting Start Guide

Instrument Landing System (ILS) Approach from the Flying Guide

6.10 Instrument Landing System (ILS) Approach from the ATC Manual

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Thank you so very much , I will study these tutorials tomorrow.



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