Heading back to Amsterdam in 1991 Via Paris

Did another retro flight (kinda) which I’ve done a flight which people doesn’t go there a lot around Venezuela with the Air France DC-10 which was retired in the early 90s and ridin on a Air France A320-200 (pretend it’s a A320-100) which goes from Paris to Amsterdam

McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30

Airbus A320-100 (I know it’s actually a -200 but pretend it’s a -100 ok?)

Turn your brightness up for better view since there’s no moon

Sun rising over the islands of Portugal

2 hours landing when we landed almost 9 hours


Another 2 hours later for waiting for a Air France A320-200 (pretend it’s a -100) for another flight to Schiphol

After a easy approach with ATC and some headwinds

A better landing then what I’ve had in the DC-10 and Amsterdam was beginning to be packed at the time
(also today is the 50th anniversary of when the DC-10 took flight so its kinda a tribute to it since its there)
It’s kinda been a long time since ive don’t retro photos hope I make more soon…


You flew from SVMI🤩
Great pictures, and extra points because you flew from SVMI😜


Yep been there often to look around Venezuela or something

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Its really beautiful there

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Anyway I would recommend you to fly to Caracas since most of north of South America is pretty nice to tour and see during flying and Caracas has some international diversity so I would say fly from LFPG-SVMI

Caracas is awesome, it has beautiful mountains on approach and departure

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Cool idea! I’m surprised you didn’t use Avensa, or whatever it’s called 😂

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Nice shots ! I really like the theme behind the shots 👌

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its called AVENSA airlines (you were right though) although i flown this one last week so i used an Air france DC-10 which used it on a CCS-CDG

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Oh ok 😂
Yeah I’ve used that livery like once 😂

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Yea mostly people dont know this airline since it got defunct around 2002 even though it was popular a Long time ago

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