Heading / Autothrottle Set

I’ll make this as short as possible.

Do you know how in Infinite Flight, if you turn on your altitude holder, it would go to your set altitude?

Well, this doesn’t work for heading. In IF, if you set your heading to 73 degrees for instance, and you turn it on, it won’t go to that heading… it’ll only hold your present heading.

Also, this applies to Autothrottle since it has the same problem.

I’m just asking for these two to be changed, thank you.

This would be fantastic. Also for speed.


Voted! Would love to see this implemented ;)


Yes, I always create my flight plan and think about my climb speed and input it in the A/P and when I click it, it maintains present speed… so annoying

Thanks, almost forgot about that.

I put that in this request.

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The auto throttle has a massive problem when trying to match the chosen speed. It’d be cool if had a maximum acceleration so that way it doesn’t max the throttle every time I raise the auto throttle.


A good feature that I hope will be implemented soon! Got my vote!

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I don’t know why they haven’t fixed this yet. It’s minor but is also very annoying

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I would love that 👀

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Yes, this should be added

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I’m out of votes, but think this should be addressed. You have my support.