Headin to the Bahamas!

1) I was bored today so I decided to fly my TBM from South Florida to the Bahama’s. I flew the Sea Blue TBM-930. Flight was a little under an hour. All of these photos are taken as if there was a camera mounted onto the plane. Device used was a 64gb iPhone XR

2) Wheels up at around 2019-06-18T19:15:00Z and landed around 2019-06-18T20:00:00Z I flew on Expert Server. Flight time was about 40 minutes and block time was about 47 minutes. I flew from KFXE (Fort Lauderdale Executive) and landed at MYNN (Lynden Pindling International). Route was direct. Took off runway 09 and landed on runway 09. Cruised at 16,000 and 198kts.

3) Photos

  1. Walking over to the plane.
  2. Taxing to 09. View from the glare shield.
  3. Just rotated. View into cockpit from left window.
  4. View out of right window over the Atlantic.
  5. View of ocean from bottom of aircraft.
  6. Getting closer to the Bahamas. View from bottom of plane.
  7. Cockpit view. On final into MYNN.
  8. View of left wing. On short final.
  9. Glare shield view. Just landed on 09.
  10. Walking out of the TBM to border patrol.
    Thank you for looking at my photos. Hope you like it!
    Which photo is your favorite?!
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Nice shots!



Love the gorgeous blue sea 🌊


Yea it’s amazing. I think I found a place with better scenery than Hawaii!


Number 6! The turquoise water…


They are fantastic screen shots

I like how the sim has different water colors unlike X-Plane lol

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By the way if anyone wants more photos of the flight you can Pm me and I’ll share some more. Also I’ll let anyone save the photo as long as you give me credit if you use it for something other than like a wallpaper. :)

Awesome pics!

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Nice love the pics! The Bahamas is great for photos!

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