Headed to Maui for spring break!

Hello Infinite flight community! Today I am going on an exiting trip, I am going to Maui today! I live in Orlando so I am taking the Brightline Express to Miami airport then I will fly to Maui but I have to connect with Dallas. I will be on economy class on the first flight and business class on the second flight, okay enough chit chat, let’s board our plane!

Flight number: American Airlines, flight 2808
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Route: Miami(KMIA)-Dallas(KDFW)
Flight time: 3 hours
Server: Expert

About to head out, huh, flight 2808 is calling for final boarding? I GOTTA RUN!

After rushing to the gate, I just got to my seat 33F, just a normal economy seat with a back of the wing view.

We took off a few minutes ago and now flying west with a view of Fort Lauderdale, pretty smooth ride so far.

After 3 hours, we just buttered on runway 36L, welcome to Texas!

Time to deplane and board my final flight!

Flight number: American Airlines, flight 119
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Route: Dallas(KDFW)-Kahului(PHOG)
Flight time: 7 hours and 50 minutes
Server: Expert

Time to board! Looking forward to arriving at my business class seat, gonna need it for a nearly 8 hour flight.

Just got here at seat 3A, this is a nice seat, it’s been a while since I have been in an American Airlines business class seat, it is very soft and the flight attendants are friendly, just got served a glass of water so I’m gonna kick back and relax now, see you all later!

Cruising over California at an altitude of 32000 feet, currently watching the flight map and eating some nuts.

Just woke up from an hour nap since my seat can lie all the way flat, and just got served a yummy ice cream sundae, looks like we are somewhere in the pacific, we’ll be there soon!

After 7 surprisingly quick hours, we are on our final approach with a beautiful view of western Maui!

Alright we just arrived at our gate and I feel totally jet lagged after a 3 hour and 8 hour flight, welcome to Kahului! Now time to claim my bags and get a car and I think I might drive around a bit since this is such a beautiful island, then arrive at my Westin which is a 40 minute drive, thank you American Airlines!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!


I’m actually going to Maui for spring break🗿🗿
I leave in 6 days.
Route to get there: DCA-ATL-LAX-OGG


Sounds fun! I went there last year (before the fire) and I actually stayed at the Westin, which is the hotel I am staying at in the IF trip report.


This is nice tripreport. Next time i can give an advice, take it or throw it. I recommend making a nice topic with lot of details for one flight. Not two. But everyone is having a method.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day,

Cheers 🥂

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Thanks for the advice, I will think about that next time.

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Hmm, kind of reminds me of the Virtual Tripreports that I make. You can check my profile for some of them. 🙂👍
Good Work 👏👏👏👏

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You’re always welcome

About what @Captain_Lufty said, if you need help with the mention he said, you can check the tripreports I make and get some ideas from it.

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Thanks for the likes!

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Sheesh why so many connecting flight? 😂

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I live in Virginia but we aren’t flying outta IAD.

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yo im flying the 787-8 DFW-MAD for christmas