Headed To Dubai

hey guys im about to perform a flight from Los Angeles (KLAX) to Dubai (OMDB), I will be on the Free Flight Server and you can track me on live flight:

My display name is “Dubai Bound” and my callsign is EK216

Er… It may be a bad time to let you know that this sort of thing is prohibited in the Infinite Flight Terms of Service. People used to do it, but Matt’s had to enforce the ToS, which has to be abided until he manages to get Global Flight out. And yes, he’s been toying with the idea of Global Flight for a long, long time… he’s now made dedicated inquires recently on seriously tackling this project. (Mostly due to the capabilities of the upcoming iPad Pro and the next-generation devices. It may also be due to the fact that a PC version might be coming someday)

For now, anyone who does this sort of thing risks having their account banned… sorry dude.

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Really? I must’ve misread something… Er… my bad. Carry on.

you got me scared for a bit :)

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I apologize. As Rotate says, it’s a little bit of a gray area. But… hey, a little heart-jumper is good for people to ensure a long and healthy life… You’ll thank me in about a hundred years from now. ^-^


Your already pretty far out, what do you see?

And it would probably have been better if you had flown from NY :P

I don’t see anything really, there’s nothing below me or behind me

That’s the wrong direction :P


Yes I know I messed up big time because I just set a heading and went to sleep

LOL, it’s all good. Entertaining at least!

I tried ;) I got 7,000 xp from it tho

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How long were you in the air? :)

7000 XP from setting autopilot and going to bed… Lol

About 13-14 hours

Inter regional flight has been shut down