Head winds in the US

I am currently flying in the TS from DTW to LAX in a Delta a350 and man am I getting some nasty winds

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Real question why are you at M.88?


I don’t really know

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And your point to this topic is…? There isn’t much context. What do you want us to say?

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The wind gods just aren’t happy today. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be calmer for you.

Just throwing it out there? Didn’t want any help

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Don’t give Him that sense of hope, the JetStream is around year round 😂


A topic to post this in would be here

Ohhh okay thanks. My bad

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No worries about it, only one way you can learn, and by the way, those winds are always there with the jetstream, it’s fun going the other way though when you have that as a tailwind. :D

Yeah I passed someone doing the opposite route I am and their flight time is about 3 hours where mine is almost 5 lol

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Just to reiterate, you should be at Mach 0.84-0.85.

0.88 will diminish all of your fuel.

Sometimes on flights like JFK-LAX, going west, flight time can be more than 6 hours, compared to less than 4 going the other way

He’s not paying for it 😝

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I did a heavy flight with a lot of fuel. Thanks for the input, I didn’t actually know that though

Delta gonna pay 😏

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It ain’t me, I’ll fill the thing up then dump it all I don’t care

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