Head wind over Uk

Can anyone help me.

Often when i fly from EGLL to any destination in the west, i’ve got to battle head winds up to 97 kts

I don’t know what to do?
Thanks to anyone who replies

This is completely normal and there is not much you can do apart from adjust your speed to change eta

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Winter is coming


This is normal, nothing to worry about!

Just make sure to turn on the seat belt sign if it gets a little bumpy ;)


It’s normal, I just flew in 120

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Thanks for all the replies guys

I usually pack some extra fuel and instead of heading straight west I go kind of north like from egll to kjfk ill take the northern most track or go over Greenland making those headwinds into some crosswinds.

Ok thanks for the tipp

No problem

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Well you can enjoy the crazy winds

Its not everywhere you get a roller coaster in the sky but of course be careful as well

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