Head up display (HUD) issues

I am not seeing the little circle on the HUD. I tap the HUD button is Systems but still getting that circle to appear.

Go to Interface and make sure “FPV” is highlighted. Flight Path Vector. That’s the ring you’re referring to :)

Yea that’s highlighted, but still no luck

I assume you’re airborne? It won’t show unless you are.

But I can only turn on and off the FPV from the HUD cam. In cockpit view it’s greyed out

That’s probably because the HUD is off by default in Cockpit views. It needs to be enabled to enable/disabled FPV as it’s a part of it.

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Found it… I must have somehow tap that FPV button. I never touch that button. Didn’t know it was that purpose. Thanks

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All good in the hood!