Head Tracking concept (with video) - what do you think?

Hey guys,

soooo I came up with a new crazy app idea (after In-Flight Assistant) and would love to know what you guys think.

It’s a simple head tracking app that runs on your iPhone that you put under a cap (or perhaps tie to to the top of headphones?) on your head that tracks your head movement and transmits it to Infinite Flight to control the camera view.

@Laura was kind enough to add some new API to Infinite Flight to make camera view angle changeable by a third party app. This is what the first simple “proof of concept” version looks like (in the current unreleased Alpha) when flying:

It’s pretty fun if I do say so myself. 🙂 Questions:

  • Do you see yourself using an app like this?
  • What kind of features / settings would you like to see to make it more useful? Currently thinking of a simple on/off switch and a sensitivity setting.
  • Any ideas of how to make it even better?

P.S. Before anyone flags this (or any other Alpha testers start posting footage), I got special permission from @Laura to post this video as an exception. 😜


This looks amazing, I would definitely buy it.

That’s amazing! This would be so much fun!

Forget the head tracking. You’ve got a video of Global! Thanks. 👍🏼 Great idea by the way. 😉


Fantastic idea! And brilliant video of global, hope this takes off ! Would be great for use with VR headsets aswell! Loving it :)

Will this be avaliable for Android too?


Anyone else take more notice in the global scenery then the actual Head Tracking concept… Oops!


Yes, please… I guess it won’t be available for Android, unfortunately, but it would be a very welcome feature.

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Hahaha, I hear you. Global is the real feature here. 🙂 It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Actually… this one I would probably make for Android as well! 😱🙂


That being said @epaga epaga, this looks like another example of a class app that your working on. My question would be. Would we have to buy a third party receiver for our head? (might sound a silly question!)


Made my day, @epaga, thanks ;)

God I can’t wait for the scenery, and that little thing at the bottom…


Nope that’s what nice about this idea - it’d simply be an app you’d get for your mobile phone that would turn your mobile phone into the head sensor. The downside of this “cheap alternative” to super expensive head tracking equipment is you have to find some way to strap the phone to your head, but it’s not that hard - stick it under a cap or use a rubber band to tie it to a headset or something.



Seems doable!..


I would but it, (Global of course😉) Juust kidding, I would definitely get the head thing. Did you think about making a camera thing similar to EZDOC, (camera shakes on takeoff, smoothed out after your off the ground)


You totally didnt drop the global trailer of the year hahaha xdd


I would definitely get this app, sorry I was too interested in Global… 😜


So like VR for Infinite Flight? And if the phone is on our head, how would throttle and things like that work? Would we have to reach up and grab it? And how would the pitch and roll work, if we are turning the phone to look around?


Could you use TrackingIR? Xplane uses it, and I think a phone would be a little heavy.

I think we still use our tablets etc, this would be a secondary device so we can use our head to take a look around the cockpit :)

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Brilliant ! I only use apple for my Mac book :) the rest is all android :)