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I have come across a product called Head tracker in amazon, it connects up to your PC and allows you to control the camera angles in the game.

As in the infinite flight sim we swipe left right to pan across the cockpit, using the head tracker if we turn our head left and right the camera angle will move, inside the cockpit or outside.

Is there an option to integrate this with the live flight connect software? If not would like to see this in future updates, what do you think about these guys? Wouldn’t it make the game play even more realistic?

Links :
[Head tracker amazon link](TrackIr 5 Premium Head Tracking for Gaming https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0029M6VKA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_0a56CbV2KND88)

How the Head tracker works.

hmm… sounds like an awesome idea but I don’t think this would work… I mean how far to the left will I have to actually move my head to see 90° to the left ?. See it would get annoying… I Mean phones and iPads aren’t that big. So moving you head around will also make it hard to look at the screen of your device…

Also that tracker is quite expensive and I doubt many have it…


If it was mounted to a VR headset, this would work as the screen moved with you. Pretty sure that’s the idea of this, otherwise trying to look over your wing would be a nightmare as youd just be looking over your shoulder!

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@Mags885 and @George_Anastasis I understand your concerns to turn back to check your 90 degree field of view, the head tracker comes with a software where You can tune the angle of view, using the recalibrate button, same as like the recalibrate button in the infinite flight to correct the accelerometer, and the gyro in the phone, yes using it with a iPad would be difficult, but what if you cast the iPad to the Tv or a monitor?.. and about the prices it is little bit in the expensive part… you do get a feel of inside the cockpit 😂.

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This isn’t an Apache gunner, which when they turn their head, the gun moves. With this they have the whole cockpit to look out…

If you were to do this for Infinite Flight, you’d have some sort of setup with multiple screens so you can turn your head 90° to look right or left.

But as George has already said, it simply wont work with 1 screen as when you turn your head, you’ll be looking at a wall or something and won’t be able to see the screen…then youll most likely crash like @anon66442947 does


acc. to what i have know about track ir5 it is a system to simulate u in a aircraft so to look left u wudnt have to turn ur head 90 degrees you just need to move maybe lets say 20 degrees and the tracker wud consider that as 90 so u watch the screen itself TBH i have been using it with my xplane 11 setup and it works amazing

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That won’t work the phone screen would also need to move with you so I can’t see this being possible even in the future

Epaga did try something like this quite some time ago.

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Yep, it was fun and worked pretty well!


Do you reckon it would be possible to implement it with perhaps Google cardboard?

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That’d have to be something IF itself implements, right? To get a 3D view? Otherwise to simply change the camera angle, yes, absolutely, the API is there.


Yh was just thinking about it. The idea of having a tracker on like your cap is good but wouldn’t you need like a 3 Monitor to be able to fully look around?

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I am afraid not, @Hamza.N as the head tracker software is capable of calibrating in a way that if you turn your head 20 degrees, and the tracker would say that as 90 degrees as @vansh_purohit said so one monitor would be enough to check inside the cockpit.

TrackIR 5 Overview and Demo - YouTube watch this video at 5:41

I personally don’t think that there is a need for this, this would just get more annoying after time.

I used this product back in my FSX days. It was awesome to be able to easily and fluidly look around the cockpit for switches and controls, etc.
Of course, that was before touch screens.

This however then adds the complications of using controlled. As Infinite Flight relies on the 3D gyroscope movement to control the aircraft, this would further require external inputs if you are using a VR (or similar) type of headset.

At this point, if you’re going to this much effort, is it really worth it just to be able to not use your hands?

Seems a bit petty to be honest…an idea is an idea, but I just don’t understand why you’d need it

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