Head speaker with sound capture Device set combo recommendating

Hello persons-(not things)

In preparating for me apply to the Discord Group can anybody send me good suggestion for a combo head speaker with sound capture Device set? I just buy another almost maturing apple tree today so in a few month I can make even more profit and i cannot wait to taking and chatting with you all!

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Most laptops or devices you use will have a speaker that you can listen through, and most new ones will have some sort of microphone you could use. Try and take a look if yours has.

Good luck with ur apple tree

My computer is old with window 7 and it come in a box where you need to stick cables from box to screen
I only have speaker sorry do you know good head speaker set with the sound capturing capable like they using in customer service room
Thank you I all ways keep sharp eye outside to make sure the bird do not come pecking my fruit

Windows 7 isn’t that old, ma’am


I am sure Madame Carson can help you with this.

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Ma’am, you look like you need the assistance of Madame Carson.


No your majesty Carson play a mean pranked on me and make me look foolish thinking he is a female not a male

Does it have sound capture capable in it to?

It’s just a prank bro.

Yes, it should

You can attach the sound capture device to head speaker now? My holy goodness this is so cool!

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