Head or tail wind?

How do I know if that’s head or tail wind ?

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There you go:

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If you don’t know, I’d recommend looking at windy.com. If you still don’t know after that, then this topic is probably warranted. Use your resources!

These may help. Easiest way to imagine wind barbs are as a dart. The little lines/triangle are your feathers. This would be upwind. The pointy end is your tip of the dart, downwind. The pointy end will point parallel to the wind.




Yay DeerCrusher is here to save us with our questions!

What does this mean?

By combining short lines, long lines and triangles you get the wind direction with a step of 5 (i.e. 10, 15, 20 kts). But actually instead of doing math yourself just refer to the pic DeerCrusher shared, if your wind sign isn’t there you should probably avoid that place.

That looks like crosswind also if you cant tell if its headwind and crosswind I recommend you check https://www.windy.com It shows the direction where the wind is going.

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