Head-On Taxi

Has anyone ever had a situation like this in Infinite Flight? If so, what are some ways you got out of it?


if this happen i will just pushback


Unlike in real life, you can just use the pushback button. Although not very professional, that’s all you can do.


Hello people,

Thanks to share this situation!

Always I have tried to avoid situations that can finish in a collision or using the pusback button.

If I was Envoy I would use the farthest ramp to the runway. Letting Delta to use the escape way immediately after landing.

So Envoy can continue taxi and Delta move out the runway quickly without collide each other.


Pelayo VA


Become ungovernable, taxi through the grass to get around them. Just kidding lol, not much to do aside from employing the pushback button, as others have previously stated.


I recently had this issue when I was controlling. But it wasn’t too close. I said to hold position and I waited for the other person to turn.

I would put my engines on full power and barrel through the other person at full speed like they were the wall to platform 9 3/4


The best option to pursue from the ATC perspective is to initially have both aircraft hold position. Then, have one aircraft turn 180 and then instruct them to progressively taxi as required. Next, instruct the other aircraft to continue taxi at their discretion, along with the first aircraft as well when both aircraft are free of all conflicts.

For the pilots perspective, I would always be cognizant of your surroundings when taxiing, noticing when potential conflicts may arise. If you do notice that a conflict will arise, go slow, make gentle and slow movements, and try to taxi free from the conflict.


Take a C130 and just activate reverse thrust. take a small plane and turn around right at your position. And if you chose anything else… well, pushback unfortunately

Just had this happen to me after my 16 hr flight to Doha. So i just parked at the remote stand next to me

Reminds me of that time I arrived in Istanbul after a very long flight from KLAX and I wanted to park my 789 on the remote stands but accidently took one turn too early and suddenly found myself on a taxiway with buildings buildt too close to it for my wingspan and no parking spots for a plane of this size…

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It is possible for a c130 to use reverse thrust and change direction.

You are correct that the use of reverse thrust is available, however I would strongly recommend to not utilize it on a taxiway.

I would use pushback, it aint professional but it gets the job done, unprofessionalism > level 2/3 violation

One of the only ways you can receive a L2/3 is from an IFATC member, so as long as you follow their instructions should the situation arise, you should be good. If ATC isn’t present, I would try thinking about what ATC would request of you to do if there was active ATC, for example: hold position, take a left next taxiway, etc. Hope this clarifies! Cheers! :)

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I know… I mean’t if I had a collision with another plane then I would get a L2/3 Violation, so I would pushback instead.

Of course, that is correct. If the situation progresses to the point that a collision is taking place as a result, I would probably opt for the pushback example as well.

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