He always comes back home!

Hello !
Since the A-10 update was released I fly it regularly and enjoy it really much ✈️
The A-10 don‘t really like to talk it only says: Mess with the best, die like the rest ⚡️

Flight information:

Airport: ETNN
Aircraft: A-10
Flight time: 15mins

⚡️ BRRRTY (how I call the A-10) and I would appreciate a like and a comment ⚡️

What picture do you like the most ?

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And always remember: The A-10 is coming home again !


Beautiful moon shots!

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3rd one gives me blood-moon vibes

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Love that 💪
Great Job

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Great moonshots there, and a great way to represent the A-10.

Thanks @Butter_Boi @LeonardIF18 @thenewpilot @ThomasThePro


Really cool photos man!

#3 reminds me of a star wars theme ☺️

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Nice moon shots! Keep em coming!!

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