HDMI To Lightning cable for IF

I am thinking of connecting my phone to a monitor I have to play if. I would like to buy a cable or a dongle which is HDMI to lightning. After some research I saw a lot of them with bad reviews so does anyone have one and can you please recommend me one to buy?

iOS or Android? I’m guessing iOS

Yes forgot to mention iOS

So you’re trying to connect a HDMI to Lightning to your phone/tablet? What device are you trying to connect?

iPhone 8

Something like that

I would suggest this one. But you should buy an Apple Official one

Yes but a bit pricey lol

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Their are ones for like 10$ on Amazon but I don’t know the quality

I wouldn’t recommend those.

Like @PilotChrisSG said, I think you should cash in for the official Apple one since the other ones might not work very well.

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I mean you can roll the dice on the quality of those or pony up for the official one, your call but I think that’s really your two options here.

While it may work, keep in mind that you may not be able to charge it at the same time depending on the device. Just think about charging too.


I’ve been doing that for a while. It really enhances the experience.

However it reduces the FPS so it’s a choice between smoothness and screen size.
I’m slowly going back to my iPad screen only.

I recommend the use of the apple connector which allows you to have the iPad connected and displayed to the monitor while charging the device.

In my case, the iPad would link the audio to the monitor so as mine doesn’t have any speakers, I’d plug my headphones to the iPad directly (Jack plug).

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