HDJT Hondajet A-420 Aircraft

Although I find it weird that Honda made a jet, I honestly like the look of the plane.

This is not my photo, Tell me what you guys think about this airplane![poll public=true]

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Well this plane is very… Honda.


Very much so 😂

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Looks like the C750’s daugther.
It’s cute.


I live where the engines are mounted

I love it! It’s so small and cute :)

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With a nose like that, it must be a boy :-P


Great! Looks too good!!!

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Woweeoeooeeoeoeewwwoo. I definitely love this and i want to get in real life.

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It seems that the Honda Fit has flight mode.


cool but I prefer a Learjet

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I don’t see Honda jumping full bore into the aviation industry. Their technology for the engines is fairly interesting, and luckily these were in research and development prior to them making some not so fantastic engine choices in their automobile line.

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Please do it post other pictures in a feature request. Especially if they are of another feature request.

It isnt a feature request

Yeah, But aircraft and automotive engines are almost completely different.

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Absolutely 100% different regarding jet turbine engines, and luckily different engineering teams as well.

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The first post is. And the CS100 has nothing to do with the Honda jet. They are completely different aircraft.

I know this, I was just giving my opinion against his. Being friendly, really.
I’m sorry anyway

Next time just say you like the CS100. No need to post multiple pictures.

I like the blue and red is Cool to fligth Of 2
Amazing aircraft