HDG swinging violently left to right


Today I was flying the Cessna citation X. Set my altitude to 45,000ft and speed to just over 300. As I approached the Fl10 mark I engaged my AP heading. Everything was running smoothly, beautiful view, beautiful aircraft, beautiful pilot :). However everything went pretty ugly when ascending past FL400, suddenly the aircraft started swinging violently left and right. There was no wind and turbulence certainly wouldn’t cause this. As I disengaged HDG and re engaged it the problem continued, starting from small fluctuations to major swings. Ended up me having to descend to 30,000ft and manually fly the aircraft. NOT FUN.

I have experienced this a couple times, anyone else? Thanks.

Is the plane pitched up a lot when this happens? That means you’re going to slow.

Hehe, no. I’m going relatively fast (320knts AS). I am at VS0 and FL400 ad. HDG is set, just starts to swing.

You change the heading?

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Haha it’s usually ok!

Nope, it’s not that though I am careful with that.

I get up to 40,000ft level out (Kepping the same heading the whole time and not changing) whilst traveling close to Mac 1. Out of no where the plane starts to swing from side to side getting more and more violent. I disengage and renegade it continues. I try and manually get the pointer to the centre. The swinging slow down but then begins to speed up again!

Hey Harry I saw your flight earlier this afternoon you were at 40000FT I was the Boeing 777-200ER at FL350

Awesome! How was your flight?

Brilliant had the smoothest off landings

Well I had possibly the most horrible, mainly for that reason!

Glad you had a good one. See you up there!

Yes and happy landings

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Harry, try setting your trim correctly.

My trim was never on. It was on 0% after 10,000

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Too high, and too much airspeed! Flying a citation at Mach 1 is your problem. In real life it’d be torn to pieces.

Remember each aircraft has an optimum cruise altitude, If you go above that, your maximum airspeed begins to drop. Eventually you hit the ceiling and can’t go higher.

I never fly the citation or have never flown it, but at that altitude, I’d guess your maximum indicated airspeed should’ve only been around 240 knots.

This shouldn’t be in the bugs category, there’s nothing wrong with IF in this case (except your plane didn’t fall from the sky in 500 pieces!)

Because I was traveling so high my ground speed was relative, so I was only travelling at around 210knts, This CONTINUED when descending, when I was at around 14,000ft it started to swing again, it must be a AP HDG bug, it DOES NOT happen when manually banking the air rat, only when you engage AP heading it starts to swing, calibrations are rpobably off with the ap setting.

As pointed out its not IF’s fault. I’ve looked up some statistics, and for a Cessna Citation X you went far beyond the limits. The plane’s MAX Speed is Match 0.935, however the altitude is fine - the ceiling is at 51,000 feet. Try doing that at Match 9.2 to see how the plane will perform then :)

I was at Mach 1 only because of my altitude. My ground speed was relative, my airspeed was only 210knts. ALSO this occurred when decreasing altitude and flying at 10,000ft.

Very odd, I’ll try it again, thanks. :)

The citation should never be at Mach 1. It’s that simple, no matter what your altitude is…

But, when at 10,000ft at 210knts I experienced this also

Lol the F-22 will do that at 1350kt AS.

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