HD scenery

I tried spawning at WSSS twice and it is the old graphics

What about clearing scenery cache? I know that seems unlikely but give it a shot :).

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I’ll give it a go :)

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You stated that you reinstalled the app, but did you restart your device as well? Might want to try that if you haven’t.

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I’ll try it clearing scenery cache didn’t work

i feel like the only one who would be able to help would be @schyllberg since he’s staff and is smart when it comes to something like this and this is s whole new update so

I think the device restart might work.

Loading in now

@Tomjet073 would you mind sending us a screenshot on what do you see when spawning in. And where?

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Ok I will I’m spawned at wsss

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spawn at wsss climb to FL120 take some screenshots

I’m not sure if it’ll work but I want to see if it might. Try playing around with the rendering quality maybe to see if it’ll load up maybe. 🙂

ScrScreenshot from the ground

That looks like it should :)


That’s the new scenery. The old one is very green and ugly

looks great now fly to FL110 or something like that and take a look below

Oh ok thanks a lot

Do you have the link to the region’s that have it?

The whole world has scenery now if that’s what your referring to. Take a look at this to see the new regions and spots that finished off the whole worlds full scenery.

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