HD Edited pictures - Lfpg Spotting (06/01)

06/01 Spotting Day at LFPG!
Note: these pictures have been edited, they do not have their natural color.

image image

Thank you for watching!

Which was your favorite?

  • A321N Arkia (Special Livery)
  • A321N Arkia (Tail)
  • A380 Air France
  • A319 Eurowings
  • 77W Air China

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Planes in this thread:
• Arkia A321NEO (Special Livery)

• Air China B77W (777-300ER)

• Air France A380-800

• Eurowings A319-100


Wonderful pictures, well done!!!

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thank you! 👌

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Well, it is true… ;)

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Wow the angles were really good! Keep it up!

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Nice! Just remember to keep your camera level and straight. The only other concern I have is that the last two photos are quite noisy. Try reduce the image noise next time :)

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yeah wilco, was spotting during the evening which did increase the noise on the picture.

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