Hazy Denver International Spotting! | United Evo B789, United Evo E175

I went spotting at Denver International (KDEN) Saturday Afternoon, and it was super hazy. I tried to edit them to the best of my ability.

First: An American A321 Arriving from KMIA

Second: A United B738

Third: A Airport Fire Truck Polluting the Denver Air!

Fourth: A United Evo Blue E175 with pretty wingtips!

Fifth: The star of the topic is a United Evo Blue B789 departing to Frankfurt!

Any feedback will be highly appreciated!! Please PM me with specifics, for the photo!


Great photos! Could you put the aircrafts or firetrucks route on there?

Use fr24 or something

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I mean, I always try to put where it comes from, or goes to! For me though it is hard to do that.

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I completely understand!

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Cool pics :)
I love Denver

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That haze makes for some great contrast actually, I believe you’re getting what Vegas had a few days ago. Couldn’t see the Strip from the airport lol

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Don’t know why, but that looks like an E170 lol. Nice pictures!

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Lovely spotting!

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@Oregon001 Thank you!

@MaxTheBandit Denver is hard to spot because there are no areas that are specified! It’s kinda for every spotter for themselves.

@Kamryn Probably is what you had. We also have at least three-plus wildfires already in Colorado.

@AdvancedAviation Thank you!

@BlueThunder08 Thank you very much!


To add on, the haze looks nice on the B789 and the American A321! Everything else is just so weird.

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@A320_Flyerboy19 I have a question have you gotten either Southwest or United landing at Denver from Santa Barbara or Departing Denver to Santa Barbara ?

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Amazing pictures

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My favorite right here! 😍

@AvioesEJogos See? Pretty wingtips


Where was the e175 coming from?

I agree with you also my favorite

Ya, one of the first plane landing was an aircraft

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I’ll have to check!

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The plane Flew from Grand Junction to Denver on APR 16

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Cool! Thanks for letting me know. Those new livery E175s are sick

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