Haze seen in some airports - no visibility at all

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This may already have been posted/resolved, and apologies if it was, but I searched around and couldnt find anything on it.

I’ve noticed that a lot of times while I am flying, all graphics seem to melt away - like everything is in a thick fog and I am flying in a limbo…like a ghost plane! Graphics tends to sometimes reappear normally after a while, or many times stays that way!

For example - here is what it looked like in KBOS while I was trying to land after a long flight from London Heathrow…and then when I respawned for the next leg it looked the same. Nothing visible at all! And KBOS Ground asked me to taxi to a specific runway - I couldnt see anything even after taxiing slowly a bit; so I just ended the flight for the time being to avoid running into terminals and other users (it was busy - and other users seemed to be doing just fine!) I was on the training server.

Any tips on what to do here? I am running this on an iPhone 6s Plus so phone specs shouldnt be an issue.

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It depends on the airport visibility. If it is super low then what you see happens. There was a Friday Night Flight a few weeks ago in which the airport had horrible visibility and had those same conditions.


There is a huge blizzard on the east coast right now. That’s why.


Hehe, that’s just super heavy fog! It’s fun to fly in :)


There’s a blizzard here on the east coast

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Because IF global use´s real weather and there is a huge blizzard on the east coast right now.

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Ok - thank you all! Appreciate it. It does seem like this will be fun to fly in. I will just taxi extremely slowly to the runway then…


#BombCyclone is that low visibility you’re seeing.

when 10 people give the same answer lolol


FYI, at most major airpots (aka the ones that have been edited by the IFAE team), the taxiways in game will be representative of how they are IRL. As a result, you can always use an airport diagram to taxi correctly.


I consider this pretty much answered and then some.