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I have been using Infinite Flight on a daily basis for over two years, I’m by no means a professional when it comes to gaming and simulation. But I thought I’d start sharing screenshots of my flights online.

I have resisted posting screenshots as I am based in India and the airports I usually fly to and from aren’t available in 3D (VOBL base, VOBG secondary, VOMY, VOMM, VOML, VOGO, VORY). I applied applied to create airports and expand the list of 3D airports in India, however I don’t think I have been selected.

Air India (AI-589)
Airbus A350-900
Chennai International Airport (VOMM/MAA)
Departure: 13:25
Kempegowda International Airport (VOBL/BLR)
Arrival : 14:05
Multiplayer Casual Server

Takeoff from RWY25 at VOMM

Flying over VOAR (Arakkonam)

Just like the real thing…Air India’s A350 tailcam.

Flying over the southern most tip of Andhra Pradesh

Seconds before touching down on RWY27R at VOBL

Reverse thrusters at full…slowing us down!!

Exiting RWY27R via RET A7

Taxing to Gate 13 using Taxiway L2

That’s it for today!


Nice photos keep up only one things flaps and air brake must diactivated on 60nts and below after landing

not sure this is true, reverse thrusters must be deactivated when approaching or at 60 knots, but the spoilers and flaps can be retracted at the pilots discretion after landing


Normally we diactivated before exiting ranway Often for the safety of equipment This is what I read in one of the articles about this matter if I’m wrong correct that me plz

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they can deactivate before exiting the runway if they want too, but it doesn’t really matter if they don’t


Thanks for the note sir

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no worries mate, have a good one!

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Awesome photos, hope to see you grind to expert server!

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Not sure how true that is. I’ve seen multiple aircraft exit runways with the flaps still extended or in the process of retracting. And the spoilers also still up.

I retracted them while the image was taken.

But thanks anyway, suggestion noted

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Thank you. Still a bit “shy” and basically not confident to get onto the expert server as of now.

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Indeed, there’s a picture of an A320 at VOBL with the spoilers still up when the aircraft was entering the apron.

Oman Air (WY609)
Boeing 787-8
Muscat International Airport (OMMS/MCT)
Departure: 14:20
Dubai International Airport (OMDB/DXB)
Arrival : 15:17
Multiplayer Casual Server

Take off from MCT RWY 08L

Another view of the take off from Muscat

A lovely wing view combined with an overview of Muscat International Airport

Cruising At FL20 over the Gulf of Oman

Oman Air 609 cleared to land runway 30L

Maybe not perfect, but I loved this landing….

60kts…I made sure this time!

Engines shut down!
There’s always an #@+%@#


That’s alright. It’s okay to ensure confidence first! Plenty of help around if and when you want to push for it


Awesome captures, love your narrative of the flights too.

As @Ashton_Earhart mentions lots of helpful people and resources on here to help build your knowledge and confidence. Don’t be afraid to ask 🙂

Hopefully see you enjoying the expert server soon


AirAsia India (I5-1455)
Airbus A320
Goa International Airport - Dabolim (VOGO/GOI)
Departure: 14:13
Kempegowda International Airport - Bangalore (VOBL/BLR)
Arrival : 15:07
Multiplayer Casual Server

A few mins before push for our flight down to Bangalore…

Holding short of RWY26

Rocketing out of Goa…

Cruising at FL280 approaching the town of Harihar in Karnataka just before our TOD point.

Floated a bit before touchdown

Parked up at Remote Stand 80 at BLR


Nice shots! Please see the rules in the Screenshots and Videos category.