Hayden_Buerckner's ATC Tracking Thread -Closed] @YMML

Opened at YMML

Feel Free to Come do some pattern work

Runway Details

Landing 27,34
Departing 27,34

May I ask that no aircraft bigger then an A330 come and no smaller then a Citation X

Feedback is welcome



Sounds good bro i might come and do Departure and approach

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Ok. There’s not many people here at the moment.

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I will be at YSSY doing tower and ground so people could do this route and also for i can get some training in

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Now open at YBBN for some pattern work. Feel free to come along

Now closed

Now open at KDEN.

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I am now closed now.

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Back open again.

I have opened up KMSP for an hour or 2. Feel free to come join

I’m coming in around 15-20 minutes

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Closed now

I was Iberia 298.

Nice controlling, here is some Feedback:

  • When I requested a Transition, you gave 3000ft, and it should have been 3500ft. Please remember that when doing a Transition that’s all the person is doing! The Pilot will tell you what there intentions are; Therefore you should not say “Say Intentions” and after that command you then issued me a landing clearance when I didn’t not announce Inbound for Landing.

  • You were a little late issuing the exit runway command.

  • When I was taxiing to parking, you were a little late on the “Hold Position” for the Northwest Aircraft to continue Taxi, I had already held position before you issued it. A more suitable command could have been “Iberia 298, give way to aircraft on your right” maybe?

  • Well done on the G/A issued to KNP as you noticed I hadn’t exited the runway!

Apart from that you did a nice job:)!


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Thankyou for feedback. I realised afterwards I have transition that it should have been 3500. Brain wasn’t thinking very well then. Can I tag you when I open next time?

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Don’t forget you can always say “Correction, stand by” and yes no problem!


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Thanks for popping by. Cya

Hi, I was K708NP and here’s my feedback:

  • When I was going to cross rwy 22, you could’ve cleared me to cross rather than waiting my request.
  • On pattern work, except for rwy changes, you shouldn’t tell which side the plane has to turn after the option as you already said at takeoff.
  • On rwy changes, you should: 1) Give a pattern instruction 2) Sequence (if possible) 3) Clear for the option/ landing
  • The transition altitude for Iberia was too low, the altitude must be at 2500ft AAL so at KMSP, it’d be 3500 feet. I had to descend at 2000 feet because 1000 feet separation between aircrafts :)
  • You could’ve sequence me as number 1 when @MrJackT14 was about to land.
  • Great aware when Iberia hasn’t exit yet.
  • No need to call base for aircrafts, you were over controlling.

Otherwise, It was a great session! See you soon!

No need to tag me, I won’t surely be there in your next session

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Thanks for feeeback. Can I tag you next time I open?

You can, but I won’t probably be there at your next session

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I have now opened up at EDDM for about an hour. Want to work on sequencing and transitions.