Hayden_Buerckner's ATC tracking thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Status: Open, will be open for about an hour
Airport: YMML
Server: TS
Runway in use: 34

Opening at May 18, 2020 9:30 AM

I will be on tower and Ground for about 60 minutes or so

I want to practice a bit so I can work my way up to IFATC. It would be greatly appreciated if you could come and give me some feedback.


Number2 trafic to follow on the right Downwind

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Hey! So I was there not long ago and I’ll list my feedback below.

  • Firstly, nice job on the transition!
  • After approving my transition, you told me to ‘enter right downwind runway 19’. Remember that if someone is transitioning they are not necessarily inbound to your airport, so you should have really waited for me to call inbound (which I was going to do eventually).
  • Good job though with my initial inbound, you correctly gave me a pattern entry and then the correct clearance.
  • You then told me ‘I’ll call your base’ which wasn’t really necessary since I was already cleared and could turn base myself.
  • After that, you resequenced me behind another aircraft. You would have been better keeping me as number 1 since the other aircraft was much further away.
  • By the way, if you are going to use the ‘I’ll call your base’ command, the correct command to use to tell an aircraft to turn is ‘turn base’ rather than giving another pattern entry.
  • When on the runway, you told me to ‘contact Brisbane Ground’. Remember to use the exit runway command next time.

Hope this feedback helps! 🙂


Cool. Thanks

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I was Iberia 298. First of all good job.
However I did notice a few things:

-After I requested pushback, I taxied to Runway 19 without requesting it and you did not notice! Try to always keep an eye on everything that’s happening.

  • You cleared me for takeoff (remaining in the pattern) and you told me to make right traffic, which was correct. You then told me to “Enter right downwind” which wasn’t necessary as you already told me to make right traffic! I’m also not sure why you said I’ll call your base? There was no other Aircraft close by so not sure why used that command.

-When I announced inbound for Touch and Go you did not sequence me to follow the aircraft ahead.

-When I announced the Touch and Go you cleared me for the option and to make left traffic, then when I was on final you cleared me for the option again which of course wasn’t necessary because you had already cleared me.

Apart from that you did a good job.



Thanks for feedback. I will try to improve that next time


Closing in 10 mins.

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