HawkerDriver's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]


I’m new to the IFC community, would love to get some experience and feedback from you guys.

I’m now open in KEYW for the next hour or so, please stop by for some pattern-work or ILS practice approaches!

Server - Training
Position - Tower & Ground
Airport: KFLL
Airport Diagram:

METAR: KFLL 051632Z 33011KT 10SM BKN030 BKN060 BKN100 BKN250 21/11 A3013 RMK AO2 T02110111
Runway in use: 28R/28L


One word: wow!
Where did you learn this? What tutorials did you watch if not on IFC?

For a first time that was a remarkable job, well done! There are some areas for improvement, but there was a lot good stuff here. And you were lucky to have some traffic. Unfortunately Delta 313 decided to park on the runway. Too bad you couldn’t ghost that guy…

Here’s my feedback:

  • pattern entry for new inbound: good.
  • sequencing: good, try to give our sequence a bit earlier.
  • exit direction after clearance for the option: good.
  • runway changes well executed, followed by clearance with exit direction
  • runway exit instruction: good
  • ground control: good, with give way instructions, hold short runwat 5, etc.
  • clearance instruction came a bit late. In IF, we give clearance sooner rather than later, basically we clear as soon as the sequence is stable
  • transition altitude of 3000 feet for this airport was fine.
  • remember that after ‘I’ll call you base’ has to be a ‘turn base’.
  • avoid using I’ll call your base for sequencing. You need to trust pilots to keep their place in the sequence (I know, many don’t…)
  • the use of extend upwind, to delay the downwind turn for spacing, was well executed. However, a sequence intruction should have been fine here. The sooner th sequence, the better. You can always re-sequence, if this is needed.
  • don’t forget the frequency change approved.

Again, good work.


Thank you, that was great. Very enjoyable. The only thing I noticed was you gave me a pattern instruction enter right base after you said you would call my base. I think you should have said “turn base”. You certainly did better than my last effort!


Closed now, wow that was fun. Didn’t expect so much traffic.

@azeeuwnl Thank you sir! I guess it comes from 700 of dual given hours at KFPR. Thanks for the feedback I’ll work on those areas. Just one question, if I give a “I’ll call your base” and then clear you to land, shouldn’t that automatically clear you into the base?
Thanks again, hoping to join the ATC team

@Michael_O_Sullivan Thank you it was fun! Nice to know, I didn’t actually know there is another command for that.

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Good point on I’ll call your base and I agree it makes sense and the pilot should know what you mean.
It’s just that, as a rule in IF (if you want to ever pass your IFATC test), the turn base should be given.



Please join me for another session, this time in Key West for some nice approach views.
You’re welcome to come and do some pattern work of course.

KEYW 241853Z 24012KT 10SM CLR 29/23 A2986 RMK AO2 SLP111 T02890228
Runway in use: 27 (Left traffic)

Closed now, kind of slim, but thanks for those who came :)

Open at KFLL, traffic pattern more than welcome.
Preparing for IFATC practical.

Closed, thank you!

Closed now.

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