Hawker Hurricane

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Ever since I saw @anon99275236’s thread on the BF-109, I thought I’d make a topic for an aircraft to join that pack. What is the Hurricane? Well, it’s the aircraft that won World War 2. Everyone thinks it’s the Spitfire because of all the popularity, although it isn’t. The Hurricane is the true workhorse in 1940’s Royal Air Force and I thought I’d put this guy in the spotlight. Around 14,000 Hurricanes were built during the course of its lifespan being operated by the Royal Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force. They were primarily used to focus on shooting down bombers showering down on British cities, most notably civilian areas of London during the Battle of Britain. The Spitfire’s job was to intercept the fighters.

Why was it the true workhorse?

It’s very hard to shoot down and truly damage. Its fuselage was made with steel tubes covered with fabric and wood, making them very lightweight and maneuverable. But also, when it was shot, the bullets would just go through the aircraft and it would barely harm the Hurricane. If it was shot, the aircraft would divert to any available person to fix it, land, cover the hole by stitching some fabric on top and it would carry on on its merry way, meaning maintenance was very easy and only required little cost and labour.

G-HHII, one of the last few surviving Hurricanes

Majestic little birdy!

More info on the Hurricane:

What do you think?

Such a British bird!

Dang that photo is such good quality. I’m really not a fan of military, and never would fly this aircraft but my finger is being pulled towards the ‘vote’ button…

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More British than the common pigeons of course raiding the main area of your block of flats.

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Cool thread ! Yes, old planes are awesome ✈️
The Spitfire and the Hawker really were THE planes of the RAF in the WW2 !

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Tis a lovely plane, I’ve seen it a few times up at Biggin Hill. It’s such a shame I have no votes left. Lemme see if I can salvage one ;)

Also don’t forget to vote for your own feature request

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I wish I could vote for myself but I lack votes XD

Ahh I see.

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I removed one of my votes for this so no worries.

So did I ;)

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Thanks! Let’s hope this gets added in a future update!

We can only hope 😁🤞🤞

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Feature request for Spitfire that ravaged along the coasts of Southeastern England.

The first 3 voters all live on the southeast coast…


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We definitely need more warbirds in IF !

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Cant go wrong with another warbird! VFR Flights, Military Ops, Patterns, Stunts, so much you can do with this aircraft!

This would be great as a mega project with a p38 and spitfire rework!

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