Hawker Hunter

I think the hawker hunter should be added to infinite flight, we don’t have many vintage planes in the game and I think this should be added,
Most people would be disgusted or kind of, feel like it’s disrespectful to the victims of the terrible shore ham air show but I saw the exact plane in real life and it really was beautiful,

As we don’t have any jet powered vintage planes I think this would be the perfect choice, as the half year anniversary of the crash is on Feburary 22nd,

Before you judge the plane on its past history have a think, go have a look

Typed in iPhone so I couldn’t check my spelling sorry


Will be more Jets on IF, this livery is nice.
A different country been nice how Russian, German, Turkish, France, Spain etc

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As u may have guessed from my name, I am brittish and some brittish planes would be good, like u I have seen the plane and it realy is awesome. I don’t see why, although horrible and devastating, people should feel responsible or bad about the acident.
Rip to all people who have a connection to the acident

Yes, More British planes to IF please :) we only have Spitfire


I really think this should be in the game, the plane itself has multiple liveries and all of which look good and sleek

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I love the hawker hunter, it’s such a great plane to fly


Wow that’s amazing
I didn’t know you flew?

Do you regularly fly them or

I don’t fly them as much as I like

Where were these taken? Friend of my dad owns one somewhere in America

Oh that’s cool, it’s a great machine. I’d love to get some more military aircraft or some obscure thing you don’t see to often like the PC-6 porter

Great plane

Wonderful looking plane and would be a brilliant addition to infinite flight!

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I really hope we could get the Hunter in infinite flight but I fear guys like us will ALWAYS lose out the the tubeliner guys