Hawk T1

I believe the Hawk T1 would be a great addition to infinite flight as it would bring different jets to the game.


Oh the red arrows livery would be great👍🏼.


Maybe the goshawk livery too

No. 100 squadron RAF would be good aswell, red arrows (with smoke option!),No.4 squadron RAF, and other countries aswell would be cool, would be a nice jet for London region :)

Yes the 2015 livery would be good

“Max Sends” this interrogatory and reminder to our young UK nationalist compatriot who floated this interesting idea. IF is universal, your national pride is noted. The door is now open for rebuttals from my friends and neighbors from around the world. Please add your druthers! Me, i like the Polish Air Force, Bialo-Czerwone Iskry (Red and White Sparks) & there TS-11’s. End

What are druthers max?

@JDE1303… “Mad Max Send” the results of my research; A “Druthers” as defined by Webster means; “Ones Choice” or “Preference”! ( Book learning and the ability to research is a good thing!) End

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“Max Sends” this interrogatory and reminder to our young UK nationalist compatriot .

It’s not patriotism, it’s just simply wanting an aircraft that will be realistic for the region, like America has its f22,f16,f18 and f14 but it’s not realistic to fly them in European regions

@Jack_Gallant…"Max Mustang Sends to Jack; pls take my attempt at perverted Yank humor in stride, no offense was intended obviously. American Air Force Fighter have been filling European sky’s since 1942. I don’t understand your “unrealistic” remark? END

If I’m honest it would be nice to have an aircraft with lots of different military liveries, so far all our military aircraft only have one (excluding C208)

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