HawaiiPilot10 ATC Tracking Thread - CLOSED

  • Welcome to my 3rd ATC Tracking Thread - Thread Is Approved

Another One Of Those Tracking Threads Huh?

Thank you for clicking on this thread. You already know the drill. A few new things I will be adding is NOTAMS so you don’t need to take the time to look. Remember OPEN means I am OPEN until I switch the thread to CLOSED. As always, feel free to drop by when I am controlling. Feedback to my PM’s or to this thread is recommended. I am still having a mindset on joining the IFATC as of now and I am very well trained with videos and feed back of the community. I would like to thank you again, for letting me take some time off of your hands. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  • A few ATC related things about me? My affiliation with ATC surrounds the ATCEG Event Group and the TSATC. I am very knowledgeable about simple Tower and Ground sequencing and hoping to enquire more mindset on ATC as I progress


  • Airport: KSJC

  • Runway(s) In Use: 30R, 30L

  • Class Bravo Airspace

  • Open for 1 - 2 hours

  • Pattern work accepted

  • All aircrafts are required to take off and land runway 30L

  • Wind - status: unavailable

  • Expect some delays. Please also note, I do not control your actions, or what you do, just follow directions by ATC.

  • Region: Western United States

  • No Intersection Departures allowed


Stopped by for a quick few patterns in my 208.

Awesome job! I didn’t see anything wrong on my end. You were always quick with your clearances and handled the runway change well.

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I’ll try to come, but not quite available at the moment. Anyways, have fun controlling!

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Hmm, I thought you were opening for 1-2 hours

Requesting Pushback, Taxi and Takeoff - All went as they should, very smooth 👍

I takeoff from RWY 08, I make left traffic as you say and when i’ve turned left, straighten my plane up you say Cleared for the Option Runway 8. 👍 (You could’ve also said: Enter Left Downwind RWY 08, but either one works in this case, i think, don’t judge first time for as a pilot to make patterns with ATC) 🤗

You also even though there wasnät much traffic kept i flow, you cleared other for takeoff and landing. The guy behind on my first pattern you told him: Number 2, Cleared to land, Behind traffic on final. 👍

And everything went smooth on my second pattern as well. Plus you gave a pilot warning, which correctly done. Something TS pilot won’t care about but in Expert Server, you know it’s gonna have a effect ;)

All in all, very good ATCing and can’t wait to see you control in a heavily crowded airspace with bigger aircraft as well. Otherwise as of today very good. Hope to be a part of your ATCing again sometime, will be coming back for some patterns.

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great tracking thread, with good info.
Keep it up.
sleep time here. catch you next time.

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Open at LFBO For This Session. NOTAMS are displayed above. Feedback is appreciated

EDIT: @Imran , I apologize for the incorrect downwinds. That’s why I was pretty slow with pattern entries and runway switchings,

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I am on my way so see you there!

Thank you very much for your ATC service today,


  1. Great groundwork even though there was only me and someone else! =D

  2. Pattern work is Great!

  3. Just keep ticking over the material as I guess that you are ready to become an IFATC!

I hope this was helpful, so thank-you for your service,


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshua_great42/1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/flying_central

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpCiGXYl3p86qe4y7hI4asQ1

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Sorry about me not landing, The game crashed.

@ NZDN Is Open , Citation and smaller are only allowed pattern work

I’ll fly some patterns!
On my way

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I can’t contact you from where I am. It’s not on my ATC list.
Please don’t give me an On Guard message when I’m 60 NM away.

You’ll get a PM from me soon of that… I was aware, I was testing out something. Thank you for notifying me though, thats a positive right now that you are able to communicate back that you got my message. It was intentional. Again, you’ll hear back from me why.

@SAMMY_DROUBI, sorry, I meant you as #4, not #5… My apologies, thought I saw 4 aircraft for a second


Open @ KSJC! NOTAMS Are displayed above :)

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WOAH!!! KSJC! I was just scrolling through the IFC threads and I saw KSJC. Thought I might take a look!

Anyways, KSJC FTW!!!

Unfortunately, as much as I love my home airport and not happy at the fact that KSFO gets all the attention, I can’t come since I have homework and I am not allowed to be playing if I have homework on weekdays.

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Open @ KSJC. NOTAMS are displayed above.

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