HawaiiPilot10 ATC Thread: CLOSED @ VTBD

Welcome to my 2nd tracking thread!

  • Why I Chose To Create This Thread: I believe I have practiced well enough and watched enough tutorials to start working on bigger airports! So from now on I am officially changing my thread to different airports. Right now, I don’t think I can actually apply for the big leagues till next year so I will start fresh. Starting on December 29 2017, I will officially start fresh as a well trained “trainee” and work my way up anyway possible to achieve my one goal on here. There is nothing stopping your dreams from coming true unless your patient and you keep having the same desire everyday! Do not stop until you achieve your one goal and we can agree on the same one! Thank you to those who do show up and help make this dream of mine a reality some day, Happy Flying, Ryan V.

  • Those who do show up will also depart in a pattern so I can sequence you in
    Note: If people do not show up 30 minutes prior to the time I announce the thread being opened, I will just shut down the tower and ground due to inactivity for my public training

-Join Now as long as title says [OPEN] or [Currently Open]

Your support when coming means everything to me and I would personally like to thank you if you came for taking the time out of yours to work with me


  • Now closed
    -Airport: VTBD
  • Runways In Use: - 21L/21R
  • Pattern work accepted

Closing in an hour (half if traffic isn’t there)

  • Closing in 1 hour
  • Australia
  • Pattern Work Accepted
  • Runway: 09

Moved it for you, I wish you luck with your ATC training and I hope you go far!

  • Now Closed
  • Guam Intl
  • Pattern Work Accepted
  • Runways:

Thank you to @Trio for showing up.

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I’m coming down @Ryan_Vidad. 👍

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Welcome. Not giving a back taxi was confusing and you didn’t sequence either me or @Pilot_Dick_Dastardly (I think that was you, I’m sure you will tell me if I’m wrong). Other than that, 👍. :)

Thank you for the feedback! I mean there was only 2 aircraft in the pattern so I would think you know who to follow when I say 1 or 2 cleared for the option, I always enjoy you coming out to my sessions, as well as “Learning2Fly” who obviously didn’t know how to land with gear😂 … Thanks for your feedback as always, Gday

I’m 100% certain you always have to sequence. You can’t assume I know where the other aircraft is and @Pilot_Dick_Dastardly knows where I am.

Open @ PABE for ATCEG Event!

  • Now Open
  • Bangkok Don Mueang Ground / Tower
  • Pattern Work Accepted
  • Runways: 21R, 21L

Winds 210@7.

Remaining open till 0200Z

When you open for controlling, I strongly suggest you update your post’s title with the airport name.
Also, please make sure you change title to closed, when finished.

Yes … Blatantly forgot… on another note.


Thank you for those who attended. Smooth transitions / communication … Great job

For all those advanced controllers who know how to pull this off, I tried a parralell take off with both aircrafts :)