Hawaiian Travel

Well I trusted flight plan data base, but I rarely use realistic procedures for very short flights, but I’m always 100% realistic for longer flights, including using the actual runway, no need to get upset, sorry for the late response.

ah yes lets revive an argument we cant let go from a month ago, great idea bud.

No need to be a jerk to anyone who messes up one little thing in Hawaii.


I’m purposely going to do the approaches wrong just to mess with you lol


Yeah well youʻre just different, you cant make me mad lmao

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in some cases 8L… remember?

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Guess what

yeah i noticed that its reverse ops!

What’s more cursed? Rwy 20 ops on OGG or Rwy 22B ops at HNL lol

definitely HNL’s reverse ops

Also this mess

And a random Southwest -800…

kai tak approach HNL version

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