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Another great day for flying. Flew the Hawaiian 717 from Honolulu to Kona, then back to Honolulu for a live stream! I also had two escorters for the last flight, @Southwest_2115 and @Alaska_298 here are the screenshots I have taken.

Southwest 2115 escorting us in this screenshot

And Alaska 298 escorting us on the landing, with a very dangerous stunt 👍

Flown on the expert server, total flight time was 20 minutes from each destination. Flown on 8/25/23 with Southwest 2115, and Alaska 298.

Note: the 717 sucked 👌 and no 717 was harmed during the two flights.


whenever i use the 717 i feel like an official pilot for ryanair


what in gods name are you doing in this picture

Patience my friends, patience…

At least 60% trim, 3 degrees pitch, and ever so slight throttle adjustments to maintain around 135kts are essential for performing a smooth landing.

Rather than having animosity towards the 717’s touchy characteristics, I’ve found it far more rewarding to embrace the 717’s higher expectations of those who fly it, and experience the joy produced by a successful landing well earned.


Only the true good pilots can butter the 717


That’s actually close to what I did, and I still buttered, but the first landing was just…bad. Absolutely ripped the runway

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What do you mean?

Oh shoot, Hawaii Man has been angered.

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you do realize takeoff’s for airliners only occur off of 8R, which in this picture it seems you didn’t…like, whilst getting your FPL or looking at flightradar24 it didn’t occur to you the winds aren’t even barely in your favor for taking off? Common sense…

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Why do you act like you expect everyone to know the proper procedures and runways for the Hawaiian airports


i wish i could like, post proper procedures IN infinite flight

The only common sense I see with your message is the fact that all you care about is how he didn’t do good enough for you.


Dude I’m just at a loss how you don’t even have anything good to say about these really good pictures. All your doing is criticizing.


he prob liked the photos, just found it bizarre and funny how the op did a little mess up. @Lanes_AviationYT i love the photos btw!


Absolutely stunning shots, although I don’t like the 717 but the escorting on the runway that was nice job


Certainly in dismal need of a rework

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Waste of time, Challenger 350 and E190, E175 are way better

Didn’t say it should be reworked over any other aircraft, just that it is in dire need of a rework.

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Make sense

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Honestly I don’t care what’s better or not, it doesn’t matter, I like flying the old aircraft as well, they aren’t that bad. No need to say those things. But thanks for the other thing you said, and sorry for the late response. :)