Hawaiian Taxiways


Today I was flying from Kona To Kahulai and I saw these bugs where the taxiways were not joined.


This was at Kahului (PHOG), right?

@Swang007 add it to the list if you get a moment, I can’t right now :)


@carmalonso: Snap to Vertices was never enabled for PHOG. Also this is one of those WED bugs where it overlaps in WED but doesn’t overlap in IF. My bet is that objects snap to a grid unless they are snapped to each other. Anyway, bug fixed.



Thanks! Ryan did this as a one off :)


Wait, I totally forgot the Kona picture. I’ll do that one as well


Kona is supposed to look like that. It’s a taxiway that they don’t use anymore, so they didn’t connect those in real life