Hawaiian switching out from A330neo. Possible 797 launch?

Basically Hawaiian cancelled their A330-800 orders for Boeing 787-9 or maybe hint hint a 797.

Boeing is trying to pull orders away from Airbus for other airlines too.

Thoughts on this change? Or what is coming for Boeing? I think Boeing is definitely hinting at something that is coming for them. And it’s going to be a huge game changer.

Update (March 6th)

787-9 order is confirmed for Hawaiian


Boeing probably offered heavy discounts. There is no way an airline switches that easy.


Very nice!
Something tells me it’ll be the 797’s, as Hawaiian’s likely going to need to replace their 767s in the future. And the 797 will likely be designed as a replacement plane for 767’s/long range 757s.
But if they’re going for the 787’s, I imagine their livery will look beautiful on it.

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According to the article, Hawaiian really wants a 767 replacement. I can see them leasing some planes

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I’m a Boeing fan all the way. With that said…I actually kinda feel bad for Airbus. You know it’s gonna happen again.


I honestly think this was a good move by the airline, many are saying that this may have something to do with the Bombardier case it may but it may not also. Maybe there was a deal, maybe Hawaiian saw that in fact the 787 is a better option for them instead. Who knows.

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I guess this is the third time they switch orders for 767’s replacement. From the cancelled A350-800, then Airbus gave them options for A330-800, and now they are switching to a 787-9 (or possibly, a 797)…

But, it would be nice to see Hawaiian’s livery on 787-9’s fuselage ❤✈


I have it from two very good independent sources that Boeing is close to solidifying the 797 as some sort of NMA project launching very soon. Sounds like it will be a little bigger than the 763 in terms of seating capacity on the lower end, and going up from there. The smaller model may be a little overpowered to give it characteristics similar to the 757 for much better STOL capability.

I would imagine an aircraft with excellent ULH performance in an all-J config for private customers and somewhere around 9,000-11,000 kilometres of range for commercial use depending on configuration. I would also imagine Boeing will be shooting for 4.3-4.5 tonnes (9,500-9,920 lbs) fuel burn per hour to make it competitive and give it an advantage over the 787-8/9.

In terms of engine offerings, GE will probably scale down their GEnx engine and throw in some advancements included in the GE9x, this hypothetical GEnx-3B will probably produce somewhere around 59,000-64,000 lbs of thrust for the product range.

I would say that Boeing will come up with a very compelling product offering to replace the 757/767 range of aircraft. For people concerned about Airbus getting curb-stomped, don’t worry, I’m sure they’re already looking at their options on how to respond. ;)


I prefer Boeing, but they don’t know now what they think they’re doing. We don’t need a 797 (but we’d like one, am I right?) because the only thing that would make it better than the 787 is better efficiency, or some sort of crazy speed that can get you to London from New York in three hours. We don’t need one.

I don’t understand. Why don’t they just make a 767 MAX or something? Or a 767 with split scimitars? I think that would be the better option. (I’d also like to see it way more)

I feel like the 797 needs to be another revolutionary aircraft, not just a revamp of another model.


This is sad. Boeing is bullying Airbus.😢 But that’s just my opinion. I guess that it’s just how major companies work…


Don’t worry, Boeing will make it more efficient, or else they won’t be exploring options at all. This aircraft will be optimized for shorter flights and gives airlines more options between the 787-8 and 737-10.

Because that aircraft will burn too much fuel, it won’t be competitive. Boeing needs to be careful about iterative products like the 737MAX and 777X and start innovating or they will be left in the dust.

How are they bullying Airbus? I think Airbus will be thanking them for giving them a reason to cancel the A330-800 and they can focus on the -900 and start thinking about how to respond to this NMA project.


It’s not bullying, it’s just some serious competition going on, there are numerous reasons they choose Boeing, taxes, tariffs, how long it’ll be for Airbus build them, how long it’ll take for them to be brought over, how much training will be, who they have to hire to train those pilots, those a just a few to probably name. But when you also look at the current fleet of Hawaiian, they operate a predominantly Boeing fleet with the 767’s and 717’s. Plus Boeing is an American company so they wouldn’t have to worry about taxes or a trade tariff, also it’ll be much faster time for them to receive the aircraft since the aircraft are made in Seattle, as to airbus which builds the A330’s and A380’s in France and Germany, so it’ll take a lot more time for them to get over here

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I was thinking the same thing. I would like to see a 767-500 or something along those lines.

The same goes for a 757-400. I don’t see why an entire new model is needed for aircraft with similar air frames.

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Well that is true…

You know they just fly the planes over right? It’s like an extra 7-8 hours. For an aircraft with 15-30 years of service life, I think HA can afford to wait another couple of hours for their plane.

Keep in mind that HA already has A330s and their pilots will be able to be trained more quickly compared to this new option they’re adopting. Clearly, Boeing is offering a pretty good deal.

Good thing that doesn’t exist.


It’s no secret that Boeing offer exceptional discounts. The CEO of Ryanair says it’s the reason they have an all Boeing fleet as Airbus won’t lower the price to match the discounts given by Boeing.

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True, I see your point, but remember when delta received there first A321? It took at least two to three days to fly over from Toulouse. And tariffs do exist, remember Boeing vs Bombardier for Delta and the 300% tariff (which was also rejected but a good example to the least)

I didn’t expect this to happen. Since HA is the only airline who ordered the -800 I wonder what they are going to do with the program

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It’s not just the winglets. The 787 also has fuel efficiency, and passenger comfort, major players in the aviation industry.