Hawaiian sunrise

The hawaiian scenery is definitely one of my favorite, especially with these clouds.
Here’s why :

  • Based on a real route (UA396), Boeing 777-300ER from PHNL to KSFO in approx. 4hrs30, Expert server.

Parked at terminal 2, boarding the today’s 287 passengers.

Insert United boarding music

Taxiing to runway 8L, PHNL is busy today !

Holding short runway 8L, waiting for that 777-200ER to land.

Patiently waiting for him to get off the runway.

Rotate !

After takeoff checklist completed, autopilot engaged.

There you go !
This is the very first time I’m sharing something like this to the IFC, hope you liked it !✌️😄


Beautiful pictures!

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I love photo 7! Great job :)

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Great Photos

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Wait, I thought they did takeoff on 8R
Great photos!

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I’m an absolute sucker for #5 😩✋

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