Hawaiian Sight Seeing and Surfing Trip

Good morning/afternoon/evening fellow pilots and avgeeks!

I am very excited to share with you an amazing trip to one of the most isolated, but also most wonderful places on earth - the home of OHANA and the spirit of ALOHA… Welcome to Honolulu, Hawaii ! I did this flight with a fellow @AF-KLM_VA friend/pilot @Gabriel_Gava and it was definitely one of the most amazing flights I ever did… And flying for AFKLM is always a great pleasure

Server: Expert Server
Route: Los Angeles KLAX - Honolulu PHNL
Aircraft: B757-200PW
Airline: Delta
Flight Time: 05:08
Speed: M0.80
Altitude: FL340, FL360

Departing runway 06R at KLAX

Leaving the west American coast for the 5 hour flight over the Pacific Ocean

Approaching Honolulu - passing the Popukea beach and the Banzai Pipeline surfing spot. The dream of all surfers

Passing the mountain range before intercepting the runway 08L localizer

Established on final approach ILS runway 08L with some beautiful views - right wing view

Marshaller’s view

Welcome to Honolulu

Thanks for flying with Delta, a Skyteam member and AFKLM codeshare. Happy surfing 🏄‍♀️


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Hi @Ritesh321 ! Oh sorry about that. I haven’t posted screenshots for a long time and I forgot about that limit. I thought the limit was 20 pictures. I can delete some of the pictures immediately to fix that issue. So no worries :)

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Great photos! 10/10

Love the captions too!

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Thanks mate! Glad you liked them 😊

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Was a pleasure to fly with you mate!

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