Hawaiian livery


Is it me… or did they remove the Hawaiian Airlines A330?? I remember flying it a couple times in the past, but just realised it’s no longer there.

We never had the Hawaiian A330. Hawaiian only has the A330-200, and Infinite Flight never had the passenger version of the -200. Only the -200F and -300.


Adding on to what’s been said, while we haven’t ever had the A332 and therefore no Hawaiian livery, the new Hawaiian 789s are coming soon and perhaps we’ll get the Hawaiian liv on the 789 somewhere down the road


If it comes to long haul the only aircraft with the Hawaiian livery is the 767 in IF.

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Something called the Mandela effect. I also remember seeing a Uzbekistan 788 in infinite flight but I went to fly it one day and it was not there


i used to think that klm had 757s at some point but i didn’t find it in the aircraft selection after a bit of research i found out that i was just dumb


me a220 garuda indonesia