Hawaiian Lawmakers claim helicopters are not safe


US Coast Guardsmen looking for parts of a down helicopter in Kauai.

A Hawaiian law maker is now making claims that helicopters are not safe after seven were killed in Thursday accident.
“We know this not only because of repeated fatal accidents and other incidents over the years, but because the National Transportation Safety Board, responsible for analyzing all such accidents, has placed safety improvements for such operations on its highest priority list, we further know that the Federal Aviation Administration, responsible for regulating our nation’s airspace, has not taken the NTSB’s concerns seriously.” Rep. Ed Case said in a statement. Though the FAA is against what Rep Case said, the FAA conducts regular surveillance on all Hawaii air tour operators and ensures companies address any issues.

Rep Case wants to see changes “including required FAA adoption of NTSB recommendations such as the ‘sterile cockpit rule’ required of commercial airlines (pilots must focus only on aircraft operation and safety; no tour duties),” he said. A bill he introduced in September includes such a provision.

The helicopter that was set to tour the rugged Na Pali Coast, the picturesque and remote northern shoreline of Kauai that was featured in the film “Jurassic Park,” crashed on a mountaintop Thursday. While six bodies were recovered, one remains missing. Recovery efforts were suspended Saturday afternoon.


How should I put this is a good way, They must be slow to cope with aviation

The sterile cockpit thing seems reasonable enough, and it seems like otherwise they just want to enforce the FAA/NTSB’s regulations themselves, which is a slippery slope, but none of it sounds too absurd as long as the new regulations are already recommended by the NTSB, unless I’m misreading this…

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It’s already a thing ;) 14 CFR 135 requires it

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Oh, well then, wait, so what am I missing then, why do they want to make it a rule?

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Im not sure why but majority of the time law makers arent aware of laws… Lol

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