Hawaiian island hopping questions

Hey guys, just figured I’d ask on here. I’m headed to Hawaii for a week in December and im staying at the same hotel for the week in Honolulu. I was thinking about taking an island hopper for a day to explore around some of the other islands. Has anybody here done that before? What islands did you visit? Just seeing if its possible to fit an adventure into one day. Appreciate the help!


Hi, which island are you accomodations on? That kinda helps determine prices of airline tickets, etc

Im staying on big island, about 20 minutes away from Honolulu International Airport.

I’d recommend flying Southwest as tickets are cheap starting from $39. What I don’t recommend is taking a day trip to Big Island. I stayed at the Kona side and all the attractions were a 1-2 hour drive. A 3-4 day trip is what I suggest.

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I think you’re missing my point. I already booked the tickets. I want to do an island hopper during the day and go explore. So i was just wondering what islands are good. But I’ll do some research online.

I think you both got confused because Taylor originally said he was staying at a hotel 20 mins from Honolulu on the big island, Honolulu isn’t on the big island, Honolulu is actually on Oahu. So I think Nate got confused and thought you meant a trip to the big island.

Anyways, I’m actually typing this from Maui currently! I think for the majority of the Hawaiian islands all of the attractions are not really close to the airport, but I’m unsure. Simple scouting on google maps should do the trick. Kahului airport on Maui is near the large city of Kahului, but I haven’t been to the city of Kahului and I don’t know what type of attractions you want to see. Even though I’m on Maui currently I’m not near the city of Kahului, so I can’t speak much about that city, I’m on the other side of the island for my whole trip

Lanai is a great little island to explore! They have a small airport that Mokelele flys to(I might be wrong)!! Lanai has some great hikes, swimming and cliff jumping spots

Ohhhh! My apologies. Gotta study where everything is haha

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