Hawaiian Hops Part 1! @ PHLI (CANCELLED) - 101800ZNOV18

Server: Training

Airport: *PHLI-PHNL

Time: *November 10, 2018 1930Z

NOTAM: *No trolling. Departure and arrival runways and flight plan will be published closer to the event. Copy my FPL. There may not be any ATC so if so use unicom correctly.

  • Gates
  1. gate 03: @Riley_Grim Hawaiian 575
  2. gate 04: @Pro_FS GNINC
  3. gate 05: @keishawn_24k Hawaiian 422
  4. gate 06:
  5. gate 07: @AlaskaAir Hawaiian 264
  6. gate 08: @BlueAcidball Hawaiian 818
  7. gate 09: @anon36731834 N-LA101
  8. gate 10: @bechrisair Hawaiian 17
    9.cargo apron 01: @Hamza_Alvi N117EX
  9. cargo apron 02: @Conor_Addison
  10. cargo apron 03: @MLG_Man Hawaiian 01
  11. GA apron 1
  12. GA apron 2
  13. GA apron 3
  14. GA apron 4
  15. GA apron 5

aircraft: Hawaiian 767

cruising altitude: FL 070

cruising speed: 230 knots

Why I chose where it is: I’ve always liked flying in there. It just seems fun. I love short hops and especially over water.


PHLI Ground: @NationofAviation
PHLI Tower : @NationofAviation
PHNL Ground: @NationofAviation
PHNL Tower: @NationofAviation
PHNL Approach:



I think the formatting might be wrong.

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I agreed with @Dylan_M the formatting is not correctly.

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Sorry guys i don’t really understand

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It okay, you will get it and use to it.

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Ill join! :D (20 Character thingy)


I’ll count u in. what is your callsign?

later if the gates are full and you want to join you can hop in a citation and hop into a GA apron

Sign me up for gate 7. My callsign will be Hawaiian 264.

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ok you are in, thanks for coming

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Can I get Gate 5?

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I’ll take a gate

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i will count you in! thanks for coming!

I will count you in! Thanks for coming!

@QFA_12 and @keishawn_24k what will your callsign be for the event?

I’ll take a gate

what will your callsign be

Hawaiian 422

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Hal 12 will be my calsign

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Please may I get Gate 08? My callsign is Hawaiian 818.

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