Hawaiian Hop @ PHNL - 092100ZFEB17

Server: Training

Region: Hawaiian Region

Airport: PHNL - PHTO

Time: 2100Z 9th February 2017

Aircraft Jetstar A320, Hawaiian Air B717, American Airline A321

NOTAM: Come join Qantas Virtual’s Jetstar team as we fly JST202 service from Honolulu down to the Island of Hawaii and land at Hilo.

Spawn using gates 15-20 from 2045z
Push back at 2100z

Please follow ATC instructions and follow real-world published departures and arrivals where applicable

PHNL Departures : http://uk.flightaware.com/resources/airport/PHNL/DP/all/pdf
PHTO Arrivals : https://skyvector.com/files/tpp/1702/pdf/00756IL26.PDF https://skyvector.com/files/tpp/1702/pdf/00756R21.PDF

Look forward to seeing you there,

happy landings!



It wil be 2:30 a.m. in the morning where i live but i surely try to join in this event :)

great if you can make it. We have our Events Managers in different places in the world so that events happen at different times! :)

Great turn out so far.

At PHTO will be using 26 for landing. 5kt tailwind, keep it tight and watch that separation!

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Yup. and 26 seems as if its going to be tricky

5kt tailwind is a little sporty, but it’s what they do in real life, as the town and volcano stop you using the other runways…that’s why there is only one ILS!

Thanks to all who came along, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to those who had a go at ATC as well, good job!

All Qantas VA pilots can file a PIREP, JST 202.

happy landings, over and out!

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I suggest you all gain enough XP and hold events on Expert to avoid this


Yes there was a little bit of in-experience showing in places, however have seen similar an expert from time to time though…

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Thanks for doing tower for us, great job. did you do PHNL as well?

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Thanks for your controlling today. I had 2 aircraft coming in front after I was cleared for landing however I recommend that we do keep up the great work at Quantas VA and with the possibility of a in app training session for the ones who aren’t as knowledgeable as yet.
@David_Lockwood I think you should continue to host at least 2 events per week to sharpen the not so bright ones as yet.


Earlier on route to PHTO

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Yep, I did. All went well there.

At least on Expert they know they will be ghosted, learning the hard way.

Full stop at PHTO.
I came yesterday a little to late this Event.


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If only there was a Jetstar 717. The event looked great, I wish I was there!

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video link doesn’t work

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Video have got a countown about 2 days by Shou.
@Cpt_elpuru 😉

@turkish534 man i want to be that swole as the kangaroo someday

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