Hawaiian classic

Aloha🌄 and welcome to my new topic. This time it was hard for me to find a flight, so I did a Hawaiian one. Thank goodness the scenery there is great. Beautiful coastlines, with those coastlines I made some pictures and tried to edit it the @Helmethead style.

Some background

I know… boring… so I’ll keep it short.
I was really excited to finally fly this week apart from Monday with that BRUVA flight. I had a busy week with sad grades (2.3/10), so I wanted to finally fly.
I was looking for a route, but yeah… there are too many choices in the world. Eventually I put some attention to Hawaiian flights and picked one. So here you go, the background story
btw: I know some pictures may look overedited, I’m sorry

Flight Information

route: PHNL-PHOG
plane: Hawaiian 717
flight time: 35 minutes


1: 767 taking off to LAX

2: Nice view of Honolulu (@Helmethead style number 1)

3: Flying over Molokai (@Helmethead style number 2)

4: Leaving Molokai on to PHOG

5: On final runway 20 with the Hawaiian mountain in the background

Btw, sorry Helmethead for the pings…

Thanks for looking and fly safe🛫



Now I know where your Instagram post is Mhewwhehhee
Cool pics!


Those are amazing 🤩

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Now those are some great photos, and that’s a nice 717 you’re flying there.

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Well, I guess you guessed it😉


Thank you very much😊

@Butter_Boi thanks, though I kinda stalled on final😅 (needs a small rework)


More like, needs a huge rework. Hope they rework the 717 soon, as well as the MD-80s and DC-9a. They’re amazing planes.

Hope you at least got on the runway.

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Hehe…, depends…
If you count a huge bump and an almost overrun a landing😅


How the frick do you overrun a 717?


Nice pics, the light is good + the angles!

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Nice pics! I love the new scenery pics trend.

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Wow! Too bad the 717 needs to be reworked so bad

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Late landing, slowing down too slow…

@Mr-plane-guy1 thanks, glad you liked them😄

@Sashaz55 thank you, the scenery is just amazing🤯

@bcc.123 its ok, but it’d indeed be nice to have the 717 reworked


Excellent shots dude. Sorry wasn’t ignoring it, I’m away for a couple of weeks so just logged in again. Keep it going! 😎

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Thank you very much😊, it’s so nice to hear that from you.
Oh and, sorry for the ping😂

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