Hawaiian Airlines

Hi everyone,
I would like to talk about Hawaiian Airlines liveries that are missing to Infinite Flight.
In fact, we have the aircrafts that this beautiful airlines utilize but we don’t have the livery.
For me it sounds a bit crazy because this is not only a fast growing airline but also have a beautiful livery and fly wonderful destinations around the US but also Asia and Oceania. For this reason I would highly recommend to add A321 livery and B787 which is going to be delivered to Hawaiian during this year, and of course with the rework of the A330 the introduction of this livery is almost compulsory since it’s one of the major operator of the A330 fleet.
Anyway, I hope you are going to appreciate this topic since this would be a great advance for IF development.

Hi, you can only request one livery per topic, however, today is your lucky day, as IFC has you covered with requests for each livery you mentioned: you can vote for the A321 NEO here, then you could swing into the 787-9 livery thread, and finally, you can also vote for their A330-200 just in case the devs choose to also do that variant on top of the A330-300. And the best thing is, you’ll be able to support all 3 liveries and still be left with a few votes to spare


We only have 2

we have the B717, A321, B787, and now the reworked A330 which is coming.


Btw Hawaiian only operated the A330-200, but we are only having the -300 reworked for now, so unfortunately we likely won’t see a Hawaiian A330 livery until the -200 gets reworked.

This one is already in game

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There is still hope: