Hawaiian Airlines Virtual

Hello again, IFC! I am proud to announce the opening of Hawaiian Airlines Virtual! Our plans are to only operate the fleet used, and routes operated by Hawaiian Airlines. We’ll even try to get down to the departure time within an hour. If you like this idea for running a VA and have read the following rules, please PM me for a job. Please note, this system is still under development, so if you have an idea and would like to help contribute to the VA, share it on this thread.


  1. Respect all staff.
  2. Harassment will get you fired.
  3. No profanity, please.
  4. Abuse of power will get you banned from associating with any part of the VA.
  5. You must be at least Grade 2 on Live to be a pilot.


Route map coming soon!

CEO: @gjwhite14
Route Manager: @Lx_D

Please message IFVARB before posting or claiming an airline. You need approval first.