Hawaiian Airlines to offer Non-Stop service to Hawaii from Boston

Hawaiian Airlines will be offering Non-Stop flights to HNL from BOS beginning next year in April utilizing the Airbus A330 aircraft.
At 5,095nm, it’s the longest domestic flight for Hawaiian airlines to Hawaii.
Fares will begin at $617 economy, and $1,776 for first class.

I am thrilled to hear that we can finally escape to Hawaii from Boston. It’s closer to home and I don’t have to connect through another airport.

What are your thoughts?


This is amazing for the New England region! Finally they don’t have to connect to JFK to get to Hawaii. This should also be very good for Hawaiian Airlines as it is cheaper to fly to Boston from Europe than New York (I think). I can also assume it will be on the A330 so that is also cool. Congrats!


@Nathan what do you think about this New Air Service? :)

This would be amazing, as KBOS is my closest major airport, it would make going to Hawaii a lot easier for all of New England

For those who don’t know, New England consists of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island


Interesting! More love for the East Coast I see!

Majority of New Englanders actually connect via LAX to get to Hawaii. :)

I love it! Another new tail at Boston for 2019. It’s gonna be a busy year at Logan next year!


Also notice how their utilizing Terminal E (international operations) instead of C. The flight will be arriving early around 6AM and will depart around 9. Terminal C will be bursting at the seams during this morning rush hour.


That’s interesting. Boston is going to explode. Almost no terminal space and the airport is now nearing capacity.

They should move some flights to Manchester ;)


There’s stilll some slot spaces at terminals during off peak times and late night hours. During rush hour though, you’re screwed lol.

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I’m just a tad upset this isn’t leaving from Terminal C! Being BOS based, I’ve used the jetBlue BOS-JFK-HNL-JFK-BOS service 4 times now. I’ve been waiting for the BOS HA service and I figured it’d be at Terminal C since Aer Lingus and Emirates both depart from there-HA can do round trip since it’s domestic!

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Strange they put it at E cause of rush hour… Like my other post-EK and EI leave from there so it’s not a gate issue.

It is strange… Maybe @Nathan can explain more

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Why do most New Englanders connect at LAX? Using different airlines than HA? I wouldn’t imagine that if they’re using HA-at least on the way out to the islands-all 4 of my HA bookings have always defaulted to BOS-JFK-HNL (shortest travel time) with LAX (and SFO as well when VX was a partner of HA’s) being more of an option on the way BACK from Hawaii given the increased service LAX/SFO-BOS. Always nice to see another BOS guy around!

Aer Lingus only uses Terminal C now. Emirates left C last year and moved back to E since the expansion had completed. Plus, Aer Lingus only occupies two gates at C late in the day (2PM-4PM, 7PM-9PM) when JetBlue ops aren’t as busy during this time.

The majority of JetBlue’s ops leave during the early morning hours. Every single gate is used for their departures (except 3 gates used by Alaska and Sun Country). It’s so busy between 6AM and 9AM that they even use 4 gates in Terminal E for domestic departure overflow (E1, E3, E4, E5). If you go to those gates in the terminal, you’ll notice that they have signage for the shared gates (C7, C6, C5, C4).

Since 2016, there is now a Terminal C-E connector (between C8 and E1) which means passengers from E can seamlessly transfer to C post-security. So Hawaiian using E still works in their favor and JetBlue’s as they’re codeshare partners. If you come off the Hawaiian flight, you can simply walk to C and connect to your JetBlue flight from there and vice-versa.

I think the timing of the flight plays a role in this. The Hawaiian flight from JFK leaves just before 9AM. There’s probably 4 or so flights that travel to JFK from Boston so the options are limited here. Plus, you have to add times for possible delays both on the ground and in the air, then you have to factor in time for connections so you make it to the gate in time. Timing is pretty tight if you’re trying to get that JFK-HNL flight from New England. It’s just very inconvenient.

By going to LAX, you have a better chance since there are multiple flights from there to Hawaii each day, and not just one like in New York.


True story Nathan. The BOS-JFK leg has to be either the ~530a first flight or the one right after it at iirc 640a to be SURE of your connection to HA at T5. I had one trip out of 4 that we had about 30 people on our flight down to JFK all connecting.
I had the good fortune to be three gates over on one connection I did lol.

There’s plenty of daily options to HNL from LAX… BUT since my family and I are all BOS “based” and credit everything/are invested in B6’s services we’ve used JFK 4 times out of 5 and are hyped for BOS-HNL.

For us to utilize an HA connection at LAX (to credit to my B6 acct of course!) unfortunately there’s only ONE HA flight to connect to from BOS without an overnight at LAX. Iirc it’s HA9 that departs LAX at 6pm. The HA thru LAX/SFO connections are much easier to utilize on the the way BACK to BOS. Shortest travel time from BOS is currently via JFK/or EWR (I’ve done both tho I was worried about the EWR connect on UA the one time we used it)

I hadn’t realized Term C was THAT nutty-I mean I know it’s nutty in the AM (the dunkin donuts line almost made my wife miss a flight!) and I seem to recall the old terminal D Gates connecting thru to E now down the baggage claim area. Should be pretty good for outbound pax to HNL cause I’m sure terminal E is likely a ghost town at that time of day save for maybe the odd Caribbean flight comin in for customs.

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I think this is a fantastic thing for Boston! Finally people in NH don’t have to connect in New York or Los Angles (or any airport like that). It will be interesting to see if this is profitable for Hawaiian Airlines. So congratulations!

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