Hawaiian Airlines Protests..... by helping passengers with their bags?

Interesting style of protesting. Doing their job is now protesting. Amazing.

Hawaii News Now reports that the flight attendants brought out a true Hawaiian energy with their demonstration. This was also shown to Hawaiian’s negotiating team, which was presented with traditional lei as a welcome gesture.

The staff members claim that they want to show that they are still willing to commit to their work despite the ongoing talks over contracts.

“So even though we’ve been languishing over contract negotiations for three years, we still show up to work and do our job as professionals.”

Now this is what you call dedication to your job. They should get their contract for doing this for 3 years now imo.

What do you think?


Classic nice Hawaiians


Us Canadians have to step up our game! 😂


This is war, Hawaii. We’re coming for you.

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Gotta love Hawaiians ❤️ 🌺

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Tell that to Jetstar employees. They work for a low cost carrier what do they expect?


This is definitely how Jetstar and the whole Australian aviation industry should deal with things. Alan Joyce won’t be budging on pay, no matter how long they walk off the job. As for people who don’t know what’s going on, see below, and know that 10% of their domestic flights next month are cancelled and they want to sell three 787-8s.


Oh didn’t know a strike was going on down under

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I really don’t think this is very effective. It’s like joining a union which has a “no strike policy”. If you’re negotiating a pay increase but at the same time are not willing to walk out should you need to, you’re losing a lot of bargaining power.

Sure, it’s a nice gesture but will it be effective? Don’t think so.

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I guess it’s a good way to give back to the passengers as well? I find strikes too much considering the company is giving people employment and pay that is within the law. Showing commitment to the company and its values seems a good way to go about showing the company that employees deserve a payrise, even if the public doesn’t take notice.

I disagree…

Just because the pay is ‘within the law’ does not mean it’s a pay which reflects the work the people do. For example, it is perfectly reasonable to pay a supermarket worker the minimum wage, but a brain surgeon? Don’t think so. Thus, just because it is ‘within the law’ does not mean the pay represents the work done by the employees.

Thus, from the same logic, I think it is perfectly reasonable for the brain surgeon (mentioned above) to demand a higher pay. If the surgeon’s employer declined a pay rise, I am sure you would agree that it is perfectly reasonable for the surgeon to not turn up to work and ‘protest’. This means that the employer will be losing money. As a result, the employer will have to agree to hire back the surgeon at a higher wage as the opportunity cost of hiring the surgeon is lower than not have a surgeon at all (and lose a lot of money in the process). Apply the same logic to airline employees and you’re sorted! :)

Furthermore, what would happen if the workers just continued to work and politely ask for the wage increase? Nothing. The major corporations need to ‘feel their money going down the drain’ in order for them to do anything :)

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Yeah sure, I never said they shouldn’t be paid more than what the law permits. That would obviously be ludicrous. But hey, some people prefer to make a statement in a more civilised way 🤷‍♂️ Understated, you might say

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