Hawaiian Airlines orders 2 787-9’s

Premium cabin capacity would certainly make a lot of sense. I could see them possibly even exploring more markets in Asia with a more economy-focused cabin to cater to seasonal travel from the likes of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc as countries begin to open more in the region.

However, I suspect that a part of it might have to do with possibly not necessarily retiring planes outright, but returning them to lessors when their lease terms do come to a close. I’m certainly not familiar with the fleet strategy that Hawaiian has, but looking at other large airlines in the Asia-Pacific region with a cabin distribution similar to this, I could see fixed-lease terms possibly coming up on some frames in the coming years.

Of course, the option for a further 10 B787, and on a complete tangent, 10 A330-200P2F conversions arriving for freighter operations is a factor that’s taken into account too. Which A330-200, if at all they belong to Hawaiian to begin with, would be an interesting space to watch as Hawaiian don’t seem to own that many A330-200 outright where they could commit their own A330-200s to conversions.

Let’s also not forget that cost minimising and operational streamlining would be a huge factor for an airline, especially one with margins that are going to be lower than the others they are competing with. To see them take on a completely new aircraft type would be an interesting risk in the long term, and let’s not forget, they’re smart in not putting all their eggs in one basket. Airbus still has one up on Boeing wherein Airbus widebodies are actually flying while these orders are still on paper.


The 10 freighters will be A330-300s instead of the -200s: Hawaiian Airlines Announces Agreement with Amazon to Operate Freighter Aircraft | Hawaiian Airlines | Newsroom

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