Hawaiian Airlines orders 2 787-9’s

Sooo Hawaiian Airlines just ordered 2 B787-9’s! Unfortunately they will be retiring some of their A330’s this year 😕.


Cool hope to see hawain 787 in IF


Here in Kelly Field, there’s a Hawaiian 787 that has been sitting there for a while now

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Where’d you hear that? All of their A330s are still moderately young, would be surprising.

Nice! I hope to see their 787’s make trips to Seattle in the future.

Plus, seeing that Amazon Air will lease 10 A330’s for cargo operations is really cool!

Very cool! Thank you for sharing! It will definite enable Hawaiian to perform even more long-haul journeys!

That’s in addition to 10 already on order

So now they’re up to 12 B789s, which makes the order about half the size of their existing widebody fleet (23 A332s)

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huge order here. absolutely massive

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I’ll find the other website it was listed on

🥳🤙 now we need the 777!

and the 767 back !

Can Hawaiian please restore service from HNL-CLT? We sorely need a fresh face around here.

I doubt they’d ever go for the 777 since it’s big and all, but I’m sure the livery would look great on it! I mean their livery looks good on any plane really

As for the 767 the closest we possibly got was that amazon thing

Doesn’t IF have Hawaiian Airlines on the 767?


were you referring to IF’s fleet or the IRL fleet?

Honolulu to Dubai maybe one day

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phew! that would be far but worth the flight

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Hawaii to London and Paris maybe

I wonder what their fleet planning department has in mind. For the most part, going for the A330neo or A350 family as a replacement for their eventually ageing A330ceo fleet would be an obvious move, not to mention, already having familiarity with Rolls Royce engines on their A330ceos will go a long way to the A330neo or A350 being assimilated into the fleet, should they go that way.

Looking at the operating CASK, the B787 and A350 would be quite overkill to a number of their routes to Asia and Oceania, where their A330 would operate and where their B787, assuming they are a replacement, would be operating to in the future. Considering the capacity increase is about 8% over the A330-200 they have in operation; perhaps there’s more behind this deal than just a straightforward fleet replacement strategy.

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Hawaiian’s 787-9s shouldn’t act as a complete A330-200 replacement. If that were the case, not only would overall capacity increase by 8%, but premium capacity would almost double by going from 18 to 34 business class seats.

Some high-end markets can support this, such as Tokyo and New York, and that’s where Hawaiian will likely be sending these 787s. This will free up A330s for additional capacity elsewhere.

The 787 order was a pre-COVID decision, so it was likely based on the assumption of growing markets. Hawaiian’s A330s are still young—9.6 years on average according to Planespotters—so I was surprised when @IF.Kaden said they’re retiring some this year.

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